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29 y/o wife and mother of 2. #RyleyAddison
Taking pictures makes me super horny! #RyleyAddison

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Hi! My name is Caroline, I’m 28 yo chubby girl who likes fucking both guys and girls. My boyfriend just left me because he couldn’t stand me seeing and fucking other girls.But, I say, fuck you Matthew, you don’t know what you lost! I started this blog as a way to meet other horny chubby boys and girls that have huge sexual apetite like myself, but also to make a collection of sexy fat girls for my viewing and masturbating pleasure :)Also, I post pictures of myself and these are tagged as #me. Please, follow me and reblog my pics - nothing turns me on more than seeing myself being reblogged all over tumblr :*
Yeah, fuck Matthew! You are amazing, your body is amazing. Thanks for sharing you sexy vixen! <3
-Lady E

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